Telemakhos is the son of Odysseus and Penelope. In order to save Odysseus, drive out the suitors, and help Telemakhos transition into adulthood, Athena disguises herself as a family friend in order to convince him that Odysseus is still alive and that Telemekhos must find him. In this journey so far, he calls an assembly of Ithakans to drive out the suitors, travels to the sage Nestor and picks up his son, and makes the acquaintance of the king Menelaos. He is described as passive and as a daydreamer, but after being persuaded by Athena, he becomes more self-assured and forceful towards the suitors and his mother. It is often said that he looks much like his father. (VL)

Telemakhos is the first Ithakan to find out that Odysseus is alive and on Ithaka. He helps Odysseus slaughter the suitors. He kills Amphinomos with a sword to the back. He also hangs the maids who were treacherous while Odysseus was away even though Odysseus told him to kill them with his sword.

At the end of the Odyssey, Telemakhos has transformed from the shy, daydreaming youth he was at the beginning, to a strong brave young man with good morals and values. He essentially fulfills the role as the son that Odysseus and Penelope would like him to be. He is one of the more dynamic characters in the Odyssey, even though he only appears at the beginning and end.