Ruffian N

A. Part of speech: Noun
B. Definition: a violent person, especially one who is involved in crime, lawless person, roughneck, bully
C. Sentence in which the word appears in the text (page number): "I would be seen among those ruffians, hateful as they are" (341).
D. Your own sentence that reflects your understanding of the word.: Because the teenagers scavenged the town, eager to attack and kill any innocent villagers, they were named ruffians by entire community.

E. Synonyms: lout, hooligan, vandal, delinquent, scoundrel, villian

F. An image that illustrates the word


G. A popular culture reference to the word
-Ruffian was the name of a famous thoroughbred racehorse, possibly one of the best ever. See picture below


-There is a British play called "The Ruffian on the Stair"
-"End of a Ruffian" is the name of the piece of art shown below