Penelope is the wife of Odysseus and the mother of Telemakhos. She has been waiting for the homecoming of her husband for twenty years and while he has been gone, suitors have taken over her home. In the book she is portrayed as tricky, and clever.



Penelope longs for Odysseus's return while trying to keep from upsetting the suitors. So she devises a plan in which she tells the suitors that she will be knitting a shroud for Odysseus's father, and when she completes the weaving she will choose a suitor in which she will marry. However each night she unravels the shroud and begins again in the morning. This witty and creative action leads the suitors to believe that she will follow through for quite sometime. She also was a single mother and raised Telemakhos by herself. Penelope is strong and creative woman, with strong maternal instincts.