A warrior who's wife is Penelope and who's son is Telémakhos and who's father is Laertes. Odysseus was the king of the Ithakans. He created the trojan horse that allowed the Akhaians to win. He was away at war for ten years. After the war he got lost at sea. All of his crew were killed. Odysseus washed up on Ogygia. There he was nurtured to health and held captive by Kalypso. He was kept there for seven years. Kalypso after three years eventually let Odysseus go after being advised by Hermes. Odysseus made his boat and took off. On his trip he encountered a great storm that was brought about by Poseiden. After this he washed up on the island of the Phaiakians. There Odysseus met Nausikaa. After a speech to Nausikaa, she decieded to take him to see her parents, Alkinoos and Arete.

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Odysseus and his men visit Ismaros where the men are mutinous and refuse to leave despite Odysseus's orders. After they leave Ismaros the crew visit the land of the Land of the Lotus Eaters where all the men eat the flowers and refuse to head home. Odysseus is forced to strap his men, who are those refusing to leave. Odysseus also visits the land of the Kyklopes where he and his men eat the Kyklopes's cheese. Odysseus is rather rude to the Kyklops, telling him about what it is that he needs to do in order to be a follower of the Guest Law. Then he goes to the Aiolia where he acquires the bag of wind that takes him within 10 miles of Ithika, however because the men dont trust Odysseus and believe that he is hiding a magnificent treasure from them, they open the winds sending the ship into a tremendous storm. Throughout these adventures Odysseus looses more men and more time.

Odysseus eventually earns a ship and crew to return home to Ithaka. He doesn't believe he is actually at Ithaka when he first arrives alone (the crew of Phaiakians has drowned), but then Athena, disguised, tells him it is his homeland. He is then disguised into an old beggar, and tries, and succeeds, to gather "Team Ody." Eventually, he meets Penelope (even though she doesn't know its him), and she begins to befriend this 'beggar' because he is similar, if not exactly like Odysseus. 000009GreeceOdysseusAndPenelopeAgain.jpgThe next day, he takes part in a contest with the suitors to see who will win Penelope as a wife. Of course he wins, and reveals his true identity. He, along with his son and "Team Ody," kill all of the suitors, even the ones who beg Odysseus to spare them because they have been respectful. (AS)

Once Odysseus has killed the suitors, he goes to find his father, Laertes, who he hasn't seen in 20 years. At first, Laertes doesn't believe that Odysseus is finally back, so he has to prove to his father that it's really him. He proves that he is the true Odysseus by showing Laertes his scar from the wild boar, and by telling Laertes what trees he gave to him as a little boy. Laertes and Odysseus are happily reunited at last. (SW)