Menelaos rules over Sparta. He is a follower of the guest law, and he shows this as he welcomes Telemakhos into his home immediately upon his arrival. Menelaos is a humble man, who takes part in the Greek Civilization, understanding that gods are a divine force not to be reckoned with, and that the gods hold a place in society higher than all others. Menelaos begins the Trojan war when his wife Helen is given to Paris by Aphrodite. Agamemnon, Menelaos's brother, and Menelaos himself, organize an army, known as the Greek Army to get Helen back. Helen and Menelaos are not fully reconciled after Helen returns to Menelaos.


Menelaos is the king of Sparta. He is also the the husband of Helen. She was the reason for the Trojan War, which started when Aphrodite gave Helen to Paris, the prince of Troy, and Menelaos and his brother Agamenmnon led troops to Troy to get her back. Upon returning home, Menelaos and Helen are not yet fully reconciled. Menelaos is also a follower of the guest law. When Telemakhos comes to their palace, Menelaos recognizes him as Odysseus' son and gives him many gifts.