Maids To Odysseus

The maids that serve in Odysseus's house are as bad as the Suitors, if not worse. They are often lazy, skipping out on their duties, have a moral attitude similar to the Suitors (not respectful of Guest Law, take from Odysseus). They also have been engaged with the Suitors in serious relationships.

When Odysseus returns home, he kills the maids AFTER he kills the Suitors. As if this is not enough, they are first forced to clean up the bodies and blood of their now-dead lovers, and the other messes in the hall. Then, once this is done, Odysseus marches them outside and hangs most of them, a death that was much slower and more painful than what the Suitors got.

There are some exceptions to the maids that still respect Odysseus and his values, like Eurykleia, who remains loyal to Odysseus during his slaughter of the people that have wronged him.


When Odysseus returns home he kills the Suitors. The disloyal maids are forced by Odysseus to clean up the the dead bodies of their lovers, the suitors. Athena instructed that the disloyal maid were to suffer, instead Telemakhos hanged(hung?) the disloyal maids (after they cleaned up the mess, they clean up stuff when they are dead), an fairly quick death, because Telemakhos felt some pity for the maids.


Odysseus told Telemakhos to kill the maids with his sword. Telemakhos felt a little pity for them and gave them a quicker, less painless death.