Kirke was the Queen of the island where Odysseus stayed after his men were killed by the cannibals. Kirke turned Odysseus's men into pigs. But after talking to Odysseus she decided to change them back because Odysseus persuaded her to. (SDG)

After Eurylokhos reported to Odysseus that Kirke (immortal ruler of Aiaia) turned the rest of his scouting team into pigs, Odysseus started to journey back to her house and met Hermes before arriving. Hermes gave Odysseus the key to avoid the fate of his comrades and win the support of Kirke (later a major assistant in Odysseus' attempt to return to Ithaka). When Odysseus followed Hermes' instructions, his men got turned back into humans and they stayed with Kirke for a year's time. At that point, Kirke told Odysseus how to reach the underworld, how to navigate past Skylla, and how to avoid the wrath of the gods. After her initial reluctance, she upheld the Guest Law.


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