Kalypso is the nymph who "clung to him in her sea-hollowed caves" (1). Kalypso keeps Odysseus in her caves against his will, though she eventually lets him go and even gives him supplies once Hermes tells her that Odysseus is going to leave whether she lets him or not. She is immortal, extremely beautiful, and not a follower of the Guest Law as we established during class.


While the evidence points to the conclusion that Kalypso is not a follower of the guest law, there is, however, evidence for both sides.


  • Even though she's pushy, she does welcome Hermes and gave him food
  • When Odysseus came to Ogygia, Kalypso "fed him, loved him," etc. and made him immortal (85)
  • Helps Odysseus
  • - Gives food, water
  • - Axe and axe-like tool
  • - Auger tool
  • - Cloth
  • - Wood/timber


  • Questions Hermes before feeding him (84)
  • Kalypso doesn't let Odysseus go home
  • - When she finally does let him go home, she doesn't do it of her own free will
  • While she did help Odysseus leave, she made him work for it
  • - He has to make the raft himself (though he's a master shipwright and Zeus decreed it)
  • Guilts Odysseus on page 87
  • - Makes him choose between Kalypso (immortal) and Penelope (mortal)

- PF