Eurymakhos is one of the prominent suitors that defile Odysseus's home while he is lost at sea, the other being Antinoos. He enjoys the hospitality of the guest law all the while being a terrible guest. Antinoos and Eurymakhos attempt to kill Telemakhos by intercepting his journey back from Menelaos with a group of warriors. (VL)

After Antinoos is killed by an arrow through the chin, Eurymakhos trys to calm down Odysseus by saying that Antinoos was a "bad seed." But Odysseus says that no one will be spared and kills Eurymakhos as he charges Odysseus in his last attempt to save himself. (SDG)

Eurymakhos is the second suitor that Odysseus kills. At first, Eurymakhos tries to explain to Odysseus that Antinoos forced/led all of the suitors to steal from Odysseus, befoul his house, and ask for Penelope's hand in marriage. The Ancient Greeks thought the liver had all of the metaphorical properties that we now associate with the heart; where the soul is located, love, etc. Odysseus does not save Eurymakhos, but instead shoots an arrow into his liver. Metaphorically, Odysseus was trying to kill Eurymakhos's dirty soul, which became horrid after many years of being an offending guest in Odysseus's house. (GRD)