Elpenor is one of Odysseus's shipmate from Troy. One night, he drank way too much and became drunk. When he tried leaving, he climbed down the ladder incorrectly causing him to fall off he roof of Kirke's palace and break his neck. The other men and Odysseus did not notice until they arrived on the region of the Men of Winter. There, Odysseus sacrificed a sheep to the gods in order to see the dead and be able to talk to them. The first shade he saw was Elpenor whom told him that it wasn't Odysseus fault for his death and if he could return to Kirke's palace to properly bury him and plant his oar on his grave. Odysseus followed his order, but before he leaves, Elpenor gives him the inspiration he needed to keep on going because his father(Laertes), wife(Penelope), and son(Telemakhos) are still alive.