Antinoos is one of the prominent suitors that defile Odysseus's home while he is lost at sea, the other being Eurymakhos. He enjoys the hospitality of the guest law all the while being a terrible guest. Antinoos and Eurymakhos attempt to kill Telemakhos by intercepting his journey back from Menelaos with a group of warriors. (VL)

In Death in the Great Hall, Antinoos is the first suitor to be killed by Odysseus. An arrow is shot through his chin, falls back in his chair, and dies. He is one of the prominent suitors, as said above, so this is a big loss for the group of suitors. (AS)


After Odysseus has killed the first few suitors, including Antinoos.

Not only was it essential that Odysseus kill Antinoos first, but it was also key that Odysseus reassert his power by killing Antinoos quickly and effectively. Antinoos's also sent out a message to the other suitors because Antinoos was shot in the throat symbolizing the act of speaking, Antinoos had spoken out against Odysseus so by killing him in the throat it sent out a message to the suitors not to speak out against Odysseus. Odysseus killed the suitors leader right off the bat, leaving them somewhat defenseless. Antinoos's death was strategic for Odysseus's bloody doom.