Amphinomos is one of the suitors, trying to convince Penelope to marry him. All of the suitors, including him, believe Odysseus is dead or still out at sea, lost forever. When the suitors decide to kill Telemakhos when he arrives, Amphinomos was the only man to disagreed. He said in front of everyone "I should not like to kill Telemakhos." (303). He foresees danger and risk if Odysseus returns home. He shows respect to the gods, saying, "We should consult the gods" (303). In other words, he believed that the gods had the wisest solutions. The men should consult the gods before deciding to kill Telemakhos.
Odysseus must kill every suitor in his home, by the command of Athena. But Odysseus restrains himself by foreshadowing what might happen to Amphinomos. However, Amphinomos becomes one of the first to charge at Odysseus. Telemakhos stabbed Amphinomos to his death.