Alkinoos is the king of the Phaiakians and lives on the island of Skheria. He is married to Arete and is the father of Nausikaa. When Odysseus lands on Skheria, he is taken in by Alkinoos and his people and is provided the comforts of the Guest Law. Alkinoos organizes a celebration for Odysseus and gives him a ship, a crew, and supplies for his journey home. After giving him many fine gifts, Alkinoos asks Odysseus to reveal his identity, his reason for being on Skheria, and his destination.


Alkínoös is the ruler of the island of Skhería. The Phaiákians inhabit Skhería. Alkínoös's daughter is Nausikaa, the girl Odysseus pleads with in a speech for help. Alkínoös's two sons are Laódamos and Halios, and they are both skilled dancers. The wife of Alkínoös is Arete, Skhería's queen, and Alkínoös "holds her dear" (113). His family takes in Odysseus and helps him on his journey back home.

In the NBC miniseries called The Odyssey that Francis Ford Coppola (director of The Godfather) produced, Alkínoös looked like the image below (