Akhilleus was the most famous warrior and one of the heroes in the Trojan War. He was also son of Peleus and Thetis. Legends say that Thetis was afraid of loosing her son, so Thetis dressed him up as a girl and hid him with women in King Lycomedes kingdom. Odysseus discovered him and convinced Akhilleus to go to Troy. Akhilleus then led 50 ships of Myrmidons, ants turned to humans by Zeus, to help fight in the Trojan War. He eventually died a hero's death.


Akhilleus, despite his death, manages to play an important part in Book XI when he appears as the fourth and last spirit Odysseus confides in. Akhilleus asks Odysseus about his son, and even though Odysseus knows nothing, this fuels Odysseus's resolve to see his son even further. Akhilleus also dismisses Odysseus's hope of a heroic death and current pessimism stating that it was better to be poor and alive than famous and dead. This helps Odysseus's resolve to stay alive. Akhilleus does not say more and follows the other spirits to Erebos. (VL)